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Expert Tree Surgeon Services in Devizes

Ensuring Excellence in Every Trim, Cut, and Removal at Competitive Prices

Why Choose C&C Tree Services - The Devizes Tree Care Specialists?

Does a majestic Oak tree grace your Devizes property, casting dappled shade on your lawn? Perhaps a line of Leyland Cypress trees borders your garden, adding a touch of evergreen elegance. Whatever your Devizes treescape may be, keeping them healthy and beautiful requires expert care.

At C&C Tree Services, we understand the unique needs of Devizes' trees and the concerns of local residents.

✓ Experienced & Certified Arborists: Our team consists of highly trained and certified arborists who prioritize tree health and safety.
✓ Safe & Efficient Services: We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure a safe and efficient job for your Devizes property.
✓ Free Consultations & Competitive Quotes: Get a transparent assessment of your tree care needs with no hidden fees.


We Can Help You With All Your Tree Care Needs

Explore our comprehensive range of tree care services designed to meet every need. From precision tree removal and stump grinding to detailed pruning and maintenance, our expert arborists ensure each service is performed with utmost care and professionalism. Discover how we can help you enhance the safety and beauty of your landscape today.

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

“Excellent service, arrived on time. Carefully removed one wobbly conifer without damaging the other trees. Outstanding clean up afterwards."

Allan Walkden


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The Benefits of Choosing a Local Devizes Tree Surgeon with C&C Tree Services

Benefits of Local Tree Surgeons

Understanding the specific trees and challenges in Devizes offers several advantages when choosing a local tree surgeon:

  • Local Expertise: They are familiar with common Devizes tree species like Leyland Cypress and potential issues likeCypress Canker.

  • Knowledge of Local Regulations: They understand bylaws regarding tree preservation in Devizes.

  • Responsive to Your Needs: Being local allows for quicker response times, especially for emergencies.

C&C Tree Services - Your Local Devizes Tree Care Experts

We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to Devizes' needs:

  • Tree Removal: Safe and efficient removal of hazardous, diseased, or dead trees, protecting your property and the beauty of Devizes.

  • Tree Trimming & Pruning: Promote healthy growth and enhance the aesthetics of your trees, ensuring they complement the Devizes landscape.

  • Leyland Cypress Management: We have the expertise to properly care for and maintain Leyland Cypress trees, a common sight in Devizes gardens.

  • Storm Damage Cleanup: Swift response to clear debris and restore your Devizes property after a storm.

  • Hedge Trimming & Shaping: Keep your hedges neat and tidy, adding curb appeal to your Devizes property.

  • Tree Disease Diagnosis & Treatment: Identify and address tree diseases like Cypress Canker to save your Devizes trees.

A Touch of History: Trees and Devizes Castle

The towering trees surrounding Devizes Castle are more than just beautiful greenery; they're silent witnesses to the town's rich history. At C&C Tree Services, we understand the importance of preserving these historical trees. Our arborists are experienced in caring for mature trees, ensuring they continue to grace Devizes Castle for generations to come.


Don't wait! Contact C&C Tree Services today for a free consultation and experience the difference a local tree surgeon can make. We're dedicated to keeping your Devizes property beautiful and your trees healthy for generations to come.

"We also are able to provide firewood for residents of Westbury, the villages of Chapmanslade, Dilton Marsh, Hawkridge, Heywood, Edington, and Bratton, so contact us today to enquire about log delivery in Westbury and the surrounding areas."

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